Meet Adriana López Manoucheri

Adriana López Manoucheri is a “Do It Yourself” (DIY)er-woodworker. She shares her journey of her work on Instagram as a home makeover through the art of woodworking. Manoucheri is passionate about being able to build and create, but her passion derives from helping other women gain the confidence to create too. She loves inspiring and empowering women to pick up a power tool and not be afraid to build and create. She truly believes women are also built to work the same as men and does not shy away from being a feminine woman who can do “masculine” work. She strives to change that narrative.

Manoucheri got her start by playing with power tools when she was young.  Her uncles were all carpenters and she loved watching how they built different types of objects. Growing up in a single parent home, she would go around their apartment fixing things with the tools she could find and since then she never stopped. Manoucheri and her family bought their first home 8 years ago and she began working on making the house a home.  It was like a blank canvas for her. She did a lot of painting for the most part, but when the pandemic hit she really took it up a level and started acquiring more tools.  It gave her something to do and she quickly realized it was a great outlet for her to relieve the stress that comes with being a mom of 2 young kids. DIY gave her something for herself. Manoucheri expressed that she noticed that she didn’t have to leave her home to do it which made it all the more exciting.

Initially, Manoucheri’s journey was to start it out of fun - to be able to prove to herself that she could do it. It still is a hobby but she quickly realized as a special-needs mom, that this was more like therapy for her.  It made her feel good to be able to create and fix things. Through that, she has been able to navigate being an autism mom. 

The biggest challenge in her journey that she has struggled with is Imposter Syndrome. Because this is more of a hobby for her, it allows her to work at her own pace most days, but there are days when she questions if she has the expertise to tackle a bigger project. She doesn't claim to know everything and she's noticed it’s been nice to connect with others in the Instagram DIY/woodworking community who have more experience than she does because it gives her a sense of support.

Some days she feels good about the direction a project is going and makes her feel confident enough to finish. However, on other days, she admits that she questions herself and her skills. She is then quick to reach out to fellow content creators for support. Through that, she realizes that she isn't alone in her feelings and that there are others who have been in her same position. This brings a feeling of gratitude for her community of friends who are willing to give advice and lend a listening ear.

Manoucheri’s family and friends, but especially her children are the ones who keep her going. She notes that a lot of the projects are for them – to give them a nicer space. For Manoucheri, just the look on their faces when they see their finished room or new playroom makes all of the late nights, sweat and tears so worth it.

Manoucheri’s dream would be to be able to do this for other families and be able to gain sponsors to help her bring joy to people who need a little joy in their lives. Especially families with special needs kids.

We asked Adriana López Manoucheri what Valiance means to her,

“Valiance reminds me of the word 'Valiente' in Spanish, which translates to being brave or being a hero.”  She wants her kids to see her as their hero. I want my kids to see me as their hero.  I want them to believe that if this small mama can do big things, and create amazing spaces, they can do anything too.”

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