Berry Nash

My name is Berry Nash and I am a makeup artist and Photographer. I have been doing this for about 8 years now. I am originally from Washington DC but I migrated to Raleigh, North Carolina to go to college. I absolutely love my career as a makeup artist and photographer because I get to be as free and creative as possible. I do what I do because it feels as if it’s the ultimate security booster. If you are ever having a bad day and you get your makeup done, you immediately feel so much better.

I have overcome my fair share of obstacles, especially being new to the city of Raleigh. Before I really started my makeup career I was a freelancer and did not have a license which made it difficult to grow my clientele. However, when I realized that this was something I was passionate about, I obtained my license and have been successful so far.

When it comes to what Valiance means, To me it means strength and so you must have that if you want to succeed in life and or business.

See more of Berry Nash work @apple_berry_