B. Nicole

1) What inspires you when you create a look?

I am always inspired by one standout piece. Whether it’s a cool pair of shoes or a funky sweater, I like for one piece of the outfit to be the focus. Then I style the rest of my outfit around that to make a whole look.

2) How did you get started on this?
I have always had a passion for fashion. I studied Fashion Merchandising at the University of North Texas and really got a chance to deep dive into the business of fashion. During the pandemic, I realized that you can’t really depend on corporations alone, you have to have something that you own. That’s when B. Nicole Styles was born. 

3) What excites you about fashion and style?
Everything about fashion excites me! But what gets me the most is how fashion makes you feel. When I look good, I feel even better. Fashion can literally uplift your mood and that motivates me to show other women how to feel that same feeling. 

4) What does your style say about you?
I think my style says that I am confident in who I am. I want my style to explain me without me having to really say anything. I want to give off the impression that I have my stuff together haha.

 5) Why is this your passion?
Fashion and style blogging is my passion because it is my opportunity to inspire women to look and feel their very best. Social media can be tricky, it can make you believe things about yourself that aren’t true. I want other women to know that they are beautiful, and utilizing fashion can really help get that message across.