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Kelzhaunne Thornton Story

Kelzhaunne Thornton is an all round entertainer. She is a musician, dancer, actor, and social media influencer. Some may call her a comedian as well. Overall she loves to motivate, inspire, and elevate. Thornton started doing  music and performing around the age of 5. At the age of,  she started dancing and singing at her church choir as well as the praise dance team . Outside of church, she was in chorus all through her middle school, high school, and college. Shortly after, Thornton realized that her gift was her purpose and that she could truly turn her passion into profit. She then officially launched her career as an entertainer in March 2018. 

“I love everything that I'm currently doing! I love waking up everyday doing what I love and getting paid for it. I can’t see myself doing anything else or living any other way.”

Thornton expresses that the best feeling for her is when a supporter tells her that her music or her words inspired them. She shares that it only confirms that she truly is walking in her purpose, which she believes is way bigger than herself.
“One day I’ll reach the point in my career where I will be able to provide opportunities for the people around me and give opportunities to others. That's what I’m really looking forward to.”

Thornton shares that she has dealt with many obstacles. She explains that everything was not always bread and butter for her, that it has in fact been a roller coaster of a journey, but in the end everything happens for a reason and now she truly understands all the reasons and knows that it has all been worth it. Thornton shares that she has invested money and time into her craft. In the beginning stages of her journey, she decided to quit her job and go full force chasing after her dreams, but it only made everything feel more challenging. However, she was determined to succeed and her passion became stronger. 

“I had to sacrifice so much to be where I am today and I’m too far in to quit, giving up was never  an option and it will never be.”

There are many ways in which Thornton has learned to work through the challenges faced and overcoming the obstacles. A few of those ways were by mediating and talking to herself daily,  and also by hanging around people who believe in her. She also learned the importance of discipline and consistency, which were two things she previously struggled with. Alongside those, positive self talk and reassurance are a huge part of getting her through any challenging moment. 

Music is like therapy for Thornton. Music alone keeps her motivated. However, her mother, her husband, family and friends inspire her to be the best version of herself which in return inspires her to keep going!

Over the course of the next few years, Thornton's prayer and hope is to reach millions of people and to inspire them to experience life to the fullest. She hopes to travel around the world and change lives by simply sharing her gift.

We asked Kelzhaunne Thornton what Valiance means to her,

“To me, Valiance means to  have courage, to be able to overcome whatever comes my way. To simply look at each situation as an opportunity to learn, grow, and experience. I will always find a way out of no way and make the very best of what I have.”

You can see more of Kelzhaunne Thornton’s work on her social media platform @iamkelzhaunne