Brittany Mangum

Brittany Mangum is a multi fashion, beauty & esthetic brand ! She provides services such as Makeup, fashion styling, hair services, esthetician services, social media marketing and branding ! She’s been in the beauty industry for 19 years! She loves making women and men feel great about their appearance & inner self! 

Mangum is very passionate about what she does! 

“I wake up and I breathe my crafts! It makes me happy daily to know that I get to do what I love doing! That feeling is amazing!!”

Mangum started when she was 14 years old working in a local day spa, and from there she started taking an interest in makeup. After that, she worked in a popular hair salon and started assisting by doing fashion styling and makeup for models, photoshoots and weddings! And as the saying goes, “the rest is history.” As Mangum’s journey progressed, she was given the opportunity to work with famous designer Christian Cowan. However, due to the unforeseen circumstances that life brings, she was not able to relocate at the time to fully pursue the opportunity. However, Mangum did not allow those choices to deter her from progressing in her passion. She instead used it as motivation to take her brand seriously. Since then, her clientele has grown tremendously.  

Mangum says she does what she does because she grew up struggling with insecurity, because of that, she uses her craft to always make sure people saw their true value no matter what. 

“I work with my clients from the inside out. True beauty starts within!”

Mangum has dealt with plenty of obstacles in her journey in growing a brand from scratch. Most especially in the beauty industry. However, she has turned every obstacle, every “no” and loss into her motivation, and it’s what fuels her to be better at her craft daily. 

She was able to learn her lessons by watching how other business owners ran their businesses. She observed the bad and tried to not make the same mistakes, and took in all the good. 

When asked about what or who keeps her going, she says, “What and who keeps me going would definitely be the bigger picture I have for my brand ! The who in this story are my two beautiful babies. My 12 years old son Chase & my 2 years old daughter Chloè! They are what makes this journey all worth it. I want to hand down my company to them one day!”

Mangum hopes to one day have a product line, beauty school scholarship and a multimillion dollar brand that is in every store across the globe. 

We asked Brittany Mangum what Valiance means to her,

“Valiance to me means having the strength to push forward, having the endurance to work the hours others won’t, being a hero to my kids and their role model! Having the courage & bravery to guide others in the beauty world! Having the integrity to run an honest business and always have great customer service! The resilience to get through any trying time and the boldness to be me out loud!”

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