Creatives Of Our Time


Jade Mack (a.k.a. Jade Vocals)

Jade Mack is a singer-songwriter, but her stage name may be better known as Jade Vocals. Her name derives from a close friend that passed away and she has kept it ever since. Her musical journey started with singing in the church. Her late grandfather, James and grandmother, AJ would always allow her to sing praise and worship. She remembers some of her musical influence also coming from her mother who would listen to Mary J. Blige and Whitney Houston, along with Tupac, DMX, and other rap artists...who were her biggest inspirations. Throughout her life and musical journey, she has moved around quite a bit from one place to another. Her first EP was completed in 2018, but was not released till May of 2020.

Mack wants to be remembered as the artist who did not hold back. Her music is projected toward healing and helping people to escape from life's troubles, providing a therapeutic escape for people when they need it. Mack believes that songs and beats can have an effect on our mood and the lyrics can dispense a relatable feeling, which brings about unity. She started taking music seriously because she wanted to hear the type of R&B (“old school”) music that she grew up listening to. She felt the melody, the harmony, and the lyrics had a power to them that you could feel the emotions through the radio. 

Mack shares that she is passionate for music because she feels that God blessed her with a voice to tell a story. She believes that by singing her truth it might inspire someone else to want to do the same. Mack expresses that not everyone  will understand the lyrics at first, but she guarantees  they will still vibe and get the message when the time comes. She wants to show strength, beauty, motherhood and sisterhood with her tracks and musical image.

Mack’s prime motivation for music is her children. She wants to show them it is possible to pursue your dreams if you believe in yourself. She wants to show them you can be your authentic self while pursuing self happiness, while also providing a service for others. Lastly, she wants to spread the message to her children and others to never compromise yourself to “make it”. 

Mack does not have a manager or team yet, but she has future plans to create great music and show her creative talent visually through music videos. As an independent artist, Mack does tours, writes her own music, including video scripts, and attends interviews. She shares that  being an independent artist has its challenges and obstacles, however she pushes through because she can visualize the light at the end of the tunnel. She hopes the difficult path she's taking as an independent artist will earn her the respect she works for in the music industry once she reaches that ultimate success.

We asked Jade Mack what Valiance means to her,

“To me, Valiance means strength. Yes, stand tall, but do not fall victim to your environment, nor to what people want you to do just to please them or a company goal.” 



Litty Creetionz

Litty Creetionz is originally from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. She is currently working out of Los Angeles, CA as a Visual and Graphic Artist, creating custom graduation cap designs, logos, paintings and digital illustrations. Her art exemplifies messages such as black empowerment, black excellence and sisterhood. 

She is very passionate about art. She loves being able to tell stories and taking her audience on an artistic journey through her imaginative thoughts. Creating art has been in her heart since the 2nd grade, and social media has allowed her to freely express her gifts to the world. 

A week before graduating from the University of South Carolina, Creetionz decided to decorate her graduation cap. A few of her friends gave compliments and told her that she should start decorating grad caps for other people. Initially, Creetionz laughed at the thought. She thought that there would be no monetary value that would come from doing something like that. After graduation, she pursued a Civil Engineering position in Rock Hill, SC, for 3 months, but she soon became severely depressed. When in doubt, turn to what you know.. and the one thing that she knew was that she loved making art. On April 23rd, 2017, Creetionz launched her business Litty Caps By Pinky and designed her first grad cap for her best friend. From there, she received 5 additional orders that semester. It wasn't much but her mindset remained strong. Just 2 years later, she revamped the brand to Litty Creetionz and she now showcases all of her artistic abilities.

When asked about why she does what she does, Creetionz says she does so because it’s her  livelihood and also her peace. She says she does what she does because she has nieces and young girls looking up to her as a source of inspiration.
She says “I do what I do because everyday is a blessing and I chose to follow my heart's desires.“
With a college degree in Civil Engineering, she was chasing the money in hopes that she’d make her life worry-free, but God had other plans for her. With art, she has come to realize that total happiness doesn't possess a monetary value.  

Although Creetionz has had much success over the years, she had to overcome many obstacles to get there. The most prominent would have been the battle between her and her inner voice. All throughout her life, from the 6th grade to college, she was bullied for her appearance. This trauma converted into her adult life where self-doubt plagued her mind and pushing through creative blocks was a challenge. Being surrounded by doubtful people projecting their fears onto her posed a major hindrance as well.

She was able to overcome these obstacles by tuning out the negativity, going within and reaffirming herself of exactly who she is. 

“I am a strong, intelligent, resilient melanated queen and I refuse to be treated as less. Meditating and spending time in nature really allowed me to connect to my powerful inner voice and nurture it back to health.” 

This also allowed her to empathize with graduates who've gone through similar situations and illustrate their adversities in a meaningful way.

She says: “My family and my future children are what keeps me going. One of my ultimate desires is to establish a solid foundation now so that my legacy can live on, and sustain the lives of generations to come. “

Creetionz hopes to inspire, encourage and uplift through her art and show younger aspiring artists that they can live out their wildest dreams too. When people hear her story and look at where she’s come from, she wants them to feel empowered. 

We asked Litty Creetionz what Valiance means to her,

“To me, Valiance means facing adversities head on and conquering the impossible. As Will Smith said, ‘God placed the best things in life on the other side of fear,’ and I believe it takes a valiant person to uncover what those beautiful things are.”