Daniela Umunnakwe

Daniela Umunnakwe is a model and aspiring actress. She has been in the modeling industry for over 6 years now. However, she recently began taking modeling seriously over the course of the past two years. She expresses that she is very passionate about what she does because she gets a magical feeling during the process of learning more about the industry. 

She has always had an interest in modeling since she could walk. She found another interest when building her own confidence while watching some seasons of America’s Next Top model. Naiomi Campbell was a major inspiration for why she chose to pursue the career. 

“From her walk to how she serves her presence during her photoshoots.”

This allowed Umunnakwe to further research the industry she wanted to dive into by learning how she can excel within it. 

In chasing after this dream, it has allowed her to learn more about herself, especially when it comes to being a curvy model. She’s very versatile when it comes to the market. She tells us that the markets are always changing in what it desires and prefers. She explains that she struggled trying to remain active and within her measurements while attending school full time. This was one of the few obstacles she would come to face. Umunnakwe learned to overcome these obstacles by tending closely to her mental state. When making certain schedules that involve self care it makes a difference on her mind, body, and soul as a whole. 

Her family is a motivational factor for what keeps her going. With a strong support system, Umunnakwe hopes to work worldwide with her talents. She wants to be able to do more...more than being signed to an agency. She wants to have a constant connection with as many brands that represent who she is as a whole. 

We asked Daniela Umunnakwe what Valiance means to her, 

“To me, Valiance means honesty, passion and persistence.”

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