Diana Bryant

Diana Bryant works as a Print and Promotional Model, she is also a Special Education Teacher. The art of modeling is what she is passionate about. She uses her platform to help women build self-confidence in themselves. 

“Whether you are petite, curvy, or a thicker woman, we as women must embrace who we are and be the beautiful women that we are destined to be.”

Bryant shares that she is just as passionate about teaching because of her love of working with children. She chose to teach Special Education due to the adversity that they face. Her goal is to be able to help children with disabilities to live life beautifully, filled with love and care. 

“My main goal is to help struggling students master skills that they weren't able to do before.”

She models to raise awareness; everyone admires a self-confident person and she teaches to make a difference in each child's life. 

Bryant has dealt with overcoming challenges in life to get to where she is today. In order to keep pursuing her passion, prayers and faith are her keys to overcoming any obstacle thrown her way. 

When asked about what and/or who keeps her going, Bryant says: “God, my husband Jazz, and two children keep me going.”

She hopes to one day spread confidence beyond her circle and boost students' capacity to adapt to changes and grow from life's’ experiences. 

We asked Diana Bryant what Valiance means to her,

“Valiance to me means making the world an environment that provides courage when times are tough.”