Meet Fittaa

Fittaa is an aspiring rapper and R&B artist. Music is Fittaa’s sole passion. It was something he developed a quick interest in about 10 years ago when he first started hearing music from artists like Usher. When he began making his own music, he started with hip-hop rap and wrote lyrics in notes. A few of his other artist inspirations come from artists like Fifty cent, Dutch artists such as Ali b and Brace, all whom he used to listen to growing up. While he started writing lyrics, he began to listen to more rap. He got inspired by the lines of Meek Mill and his stories, and as a result, he wrote his lyrics with a message and wanted to convey a story, an emotion. 

Making music is a serious passion of his and Fittaa expresses that he cannot go a day without music.
“If you know me well, you know I sing all day long. Even when it's dead silent you hear me sing or join a random verse from a song out of nowhere rapping.”

Fittaa started using music as a way of expressing himself. He shares that at a young age, he experienced many things that he could not put into words, things he did not want to talk about due to his quiet nature. By starting to write without a beat, he was able to tell his stories without having to talk about them. Over time, he dared to rap the lyrics for friends. Fittaa listens to music with different types of melodies that one would not expect on a tune. He shares that he does this to overcome the mental battles that he fights. He puts everything in notes or a freestyle by heart behind the mic. 

Just like any other aspiring musician, Frittata faced obstacles in the beginning stages of his journey. One of the biggest obstacles he experienced included lack of money to rent studio time or beats to make his music. Fittaa’s mother often saw him coming home late and was afraid that he would drop out of school to pursue his passion. There were times he felt he would be granted what seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime to take his music to a higher level but life oftentimes has other plans. He found himself dealing with imposter syndrome, feeling like he was not good enough. However, Fittaa overcame the obstacles he experienced through patience, faith in God and by looking at success differently. He first experienced success as numbers and statistics but, it wasn’t just those.

“The love I would receive from supporters and people around me was amazing! That gave me the extra motivation I needed to continue what I was doing.”

By continuing to make music that was filled with more than just sounds but also messages, I noticed the genuine love from my supporters began to grow. Fittaa started to realize that God has a plan for his career. He believes that as long as he continues to stay true to himself and make music from his heart, the monetary aspect of success will come in time. 

“So, God has been the reason that I started to overcome these obstacles because I no longer have a sense of rush and I do everything through my emotions.” 

God is the one who helps me to keep doing what I do and is also the one who brings the right people around me. I used to pray often asking God to surround me with people that I can trust and who are with me for who I am and not what I do.” he continues. He says God gave him those people. Frittata shares that right now, he has pure people around him such as family members and other musicians who inspire and motivate him. Most importantly, his followers/fan base.

Because he is seen making music, Fittaa wants to use this positively and not abuse it. If music becomes a daily source of income, he hopes to invest in the dreams of others or to further invest in the small businesses that he already owns, such as Soulfooddelivery. 

We asked Fittaa what Valiance means to him,
“For me, Valiance means not only doing daring things, but also standing for something. I hold on to my faith very much and I am very grateful for how God created me and made me who I am now. I am quite short in height but am blessed with a voice and the knowledge I now have. God makes sure that I am not afraid of the opinion of others but that I just stay who I am and no one can tell me what to do or not to do if this doesn't help me move forward.”

Follow more of Fittaa’s musical journey @fittaaml