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Ashley Johnson

Also Known as VeganChefAsh

Ashley Johnson, AKA Vegan Chef Ash, is a chef who enjoys helping transitioning Vegans and anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle reach their desired goals. She helps transition with mindfulness and teaches you how to prepare flavorful vegan meals.

After spending some of her time reading and researching about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, Johnson decided to commit to going plant-based in 2016. Coming from a Jamaican / Chinese background, Johnson found it difficult to find meals that represented the flavors that she grew up having. Because of that, she decided to start doing research on the lifestyle of plant-based foods and saw a void in the plant-based industry for Caribbean-based vegan recipes. She slowly started cooking some of her favorite cultural dishes for family and friends which led her to build a clientele following thousands of new and aspiring vegans.

She developed countless dishes using ingredients and herbs commonly found in West Indian cuisines, such as curries and different types of peppers. Johnson’s love for food came from spending afternoons in the kitchen with her grandmother. 

She used to love watching her grandmother prepare meals for the family. Johnson loves sharing recipes and tips on her platform because she knows how difficult it was to find flavorful meals when she first started her vegan journey. Her goal is to show her community that transitioning into a vegan lifestyle can be fun and comforting. There are so many vegan options available these days at most supermarkets and some fast-food restaurants have vegan options nowadays. 

“Don’t get it twisted, fast food is not healthy food! And just because it's vegan doesn’t mean it is good for you but if you are in a rush or are not around any healthier choices you at least have options.” 

When Johnson first became a vegan years ago, the market for vegan food items such as cheese and plant-based meats were not as large as it is today. Ashley loves traveling and exploring new vegan eats. Exploring new spots helps her create new dishes that she can share with her audience and some of her favorite restaurants to visit are: 

Modern Love (Brooklyn, NY) which is modern American food with a twist. They have everything from oyster mushroom calamari to fried mozzarella. Vegan AF (Jersey City, NJ), it is a diner-style all Vegan food. Their Mac n’ cheese and pancakes are her favorite. And finally, The Witches Brew (West Hempstead, NY) is her to-go spot whenever she’s in NY, which she expresses that they have the best vegan gyro sandwich.  All of these spots have amazing meals and have 100% vegan menus. 

Follow  @veganchefash for recipes and more vegan restaurants to try.


Cornelius Joe II

Get to know a bit more about the CEO and Founder of Recipejoes, LLC in Huntsville, Alabama.

Cooking for me started at the early age of 7 years old. I have fond memories of made from scratch meals coming out of my grandmothers and mom’s kitchen. Ever since I learned how to cook, it immediately became a passion of mine...hence my reason for the company that I own, Recipes Joe. I wear a lot of hats in my business, but the guiding light in all of it is my love for food, and the memories it makes for my subscriber family. I like to give recipes that work for everyday people. That is a mantra that I don’t ever plan on moving away from!

I’m a Southerner, so we are a product of so many food genres from Creole, African, and fusions of cooking styles that came together from the 1800’s to now. Hearty dishes (buttermilk biscuits, turnip greens, chicken & dumplings, etc) are a cornerstone in Southern cooking. We show those recipes off, as well as new dishes and innovative recipes. I cook right out of my house, shoot on my iPhone 11, take shots with my Nikon D3200, and study everyday to get better. I’m a testament that you can walk out a dream with determination and a little know-how. I’m excited, because I know there is a lot more in store with the vision I have for Huntsville, Alabama’s food scene, as well as, the whole state of Alabama!

Huntsville Alabama’s food scene is growing and I feel like a man during the gold rush. Taste of Huntsville, Madison Street Festival, Food truck rallies all during the summer at Big Spring Park are great events that happen through the year. The Peppered Pig Food Truck does American style pub food with amazing results! They had duck confit (duck and gravy) over fries on a food truck ?!? It was gloriously good!

In growing my business, I work with brands (local and national) to show off their products to customers and to tell their story. I’ve done several shoots with Sweese, a kitchen brand that has an array of kitchen dishware. We tried out bowls, plates, mugs, and even a French Butter Dish. I have worked with other brands as well, and I aim for many more to work with. My subscribers trust me, so I only bring forth products that I use and absolutely love! Opening products is like Christmas all year around!

I really enjoy what I do, and I’m working to do it Full Time one day soon. We are pressing towards the mark in that endeavor everyday!