Halimatou Sowe

Halimatou Sowe is the CEO and Founder of Halima Skincare. She creates and sells natural skincare products. Her passion is about believing in the power of natural ingredients and their healing abilities. Her brand is the combination of her love for nature, helping people and creating. She comes alive when those three elements are present which continue to fuel her love for it.

In 2020, around the beginning of the pandemic, Sowe started to seriously research natural ingredients that work wonders for overall personal care. She was very surprised and overwhelmed with joy to learn about plants she grew up seeing as skincare superheroes. Plants such as Neem, Moringa, Baobab, Hibiscus, Coconut, etc. This also charged her interest even more and before she realized it, she fell in love with everything. Soon she was able to curate and heal with it. Since then she has felt as though she has finally found something that feels right to her. 

Sowe founded Halima Skincare because she truly believed in the power of simple ingredients. She learned that whatever we need as humans, nature provides. Skincare amongst many things in life, does not need to be complicated to be effective. Sowe discovered that our bodies are where we live and our skin is what we wear everyday of our lives. She realized that when both are healthy, we are set to tackle anything. She looks forward to not only formulating amazing products, but to also form a beautiful community of people who will inspire one another to grow, love and take care of themselves inside and out. 

Starting anything new, whether it’s a business or planting a seed, it goes through a process with several stages. For Sowe, there was a lot of learning involved, a lot of trial and error, but that allowed her to become better and even more creative. The biggest obstacle she is facing right now is her own well-being. She prioritized everything else over herself and it got to a point where she needed to make some needed changes. She finally decided that it was time for her to truly prioritize herself, and take steps toward healing and becoming the ideal woman for herself. She took strides in becoming a true representation of what her brand stands for, which is taking great care of oneself in all aspects (Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). She is currently taking some time off for that reason because she recognizes that when she is well in all aspects, everything she touches will flourish. 

During the time in which Sowe was neglecting herself, she was having feelings of being drained; depression and anxiety started to manifest as physical pain in her body. She decided to do some research on holistic healing and fell in love with acupuncture. So far she has received two treatments and finds that it helps her tremendously.

Besides God, her husband is a really great support system for her dreams and goals. Sowe shares that he is always ready to help, he is  very open minded and that they compliment each other to their greatest peaks. 

As the business grows over the course of the next few years, Sowe hopes to have several farms where she can grow her own plants and press her own seeds for oil. She wants to create jobs and a community of love for people back in her country (The Gambia 🇬🇲) . She wants to change the narrative in her country and make people see the power in the plants in their backyard.

We asked Halimatou Sowe what Valiance means to her,
“To me, Valiance means daring to be your authentic self, healing past traumas, doing serious work on yourself to get back to the real you before the world told you who you should be. It is being in alignment with why you are here and most of all, choosing love even when it’s hard and loving all beings.”