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Holiday Fashion Lookbook

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Meet Desiree Liyah Cross

CEO of DesireeLiyah LLC

From a very young age, I loved accessories of any kind. So the inspiration for DesireeLiyah LLC really came from my own interests. For as long as I can remember, I couldn’t walk out the house without rings on my fingers, and not just any ring, but ones that would shine bright and make a statement. As well as a clear or sparkle lipgloss, in my back pocket, of course. I knew when I started that I didn’t want to put out just any ring or any gloss. It had to be perfect, and just authentically me. 

Right after having my son in December of 2017, My dream for DesireeLiyah LLC turned into a vision, and on May 4th of 2019, I launched my website and finally made it my reality. My vision has always been clear : Make luxury pieces that are affordable, so those, just like me, can feel beautiful.

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Meet Merveille Mbonekube

CEO of La Merveille

La Merveille is a makeup and hair company named after Owner & Founder Merveille Mbonekube. The company is founded on women empowerment. The goal is to be able to help women feel more confident and beautiful. 

Merveille MMbonekube was born in Congo, raised in the US. 

She began her start in makeup as a hobby for herself but soon gained recognition on her skills by her friends and family who encouraged her to pursue it as more than a hobby…to turn her passion into profit.

Merveille decided to try doing makeup on a few people. She quickly noticed how the makeup transformation made her clients smile, and how their demeanor changed positively. 

“Once I saw how much doing makeup made them happy and I saw the transformation and how they were appreciative of my work, I knew then that this was my calling.” 

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Meet Lisa Kone

CEO of Lisaandart

Photography is not just taking a picture through the lens of a camera, it is being able to create long lasting memories that can bring nostalgia, and joy to those who are in front of that camera. 

My interest in photography started about 5 years ago when I was working as an assistant in my mum's studio. I had no particular job at the time; I was doing any and every extra work to keep myself busy such as copying files, cleaning, printing. I then expressed my interest in photography to my parents who then brought a photographer to train me. My interest grew and 5 years later, here I am doing my own thing. 

Photography became so much a passion of mine that I also minored in studio arts in college to get better at what I do. 

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