Deanna Surgick

If Deanna Surgick can do it, So can yoU!

Deanna Surgick is a multifaceted woman who is not defined by the rules of society. She is a Realtor/ Real Estate Agent, wine tasting enthusiast for ONEHOPE Wine, and she also has a small business called O'Delicious Boards where she prepares charcuterie boards of all types for different events. Surgick is the youngest of five children, originally from St. Louis MO, but moved to Greenville SC at the age of 10 years old. Surgick finds joy in helping people. After purchasing two homes, she realized that there is a lot of information that she can share with her community about the home buying process. 

“I have always enjoyed making others happy. Whether it's making their home buying dreams a reality or feeding their soul with the food I prepare, I truly love putting a smile on their face.”

Although Surgick has been able to reach a certain caliber of success in her life, it was not always a smooth ride to get there. She expresses that she has had to face her own obstacles. She shares that it took her four times to pass the National part of the Real Estate exam. When she failed a third time, she could not help but to feel helpless and be filled with sadness. Surgick’s husband was a big motivator for her to keep pushing and pursuing her passion. He refused to let her give up on herself and helped her in overcoming such a heavy obstacle. Not long after, she went back again to take the Real Estate Exam and she passed.
Surgick shares her advice on how to combat challenges one faces when chasing after a dream: “I know it's cliché but Never Give Up. It is far better to say you failed at something than to say you never tried.”

Besides her husband being a big motivator for her, Surgick expresses that God and her continuous habit of affirmations keep her going.
“I have faith over everything else in life, with that how can I lose.”

We asked Deanna Surgick what Valiance means her,
“Valiance to me is the complete dedication to your cause. I have the strength, discipline, and courage to continue on this path, until God leads me in a different direction.”

Check out more of Deanna Surgick’s work on @dealsnheels_deanna