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Jamar Harris

Jamar Harris is a Surgical Technologist that loves art. He customizes sneakers, clothing and paints murals. One of his favorite works are to paint pieces that have sentimental value to people. Art helps him block out all the noise that can sometimes have a toll on one's mentality. Working on art is a stress reliever for Harris, being able to just be in a creative space allows him to release negativity and life's pressures. He explains If he could do art full-time, Ihe would jump at the opportunity because doing art does feel like an obligation but rather something light and enjoyable. The more art projects he has, the more he can see all the growth he has made with each project. He’s proud to say that he is improving each day and that brings a sense of satisfaction.

Art was an unexpected passion, and journey for Harris. It all began when he was once talking about art with a coworker, Devon Simmons, who happens to be a skilled artist himself. He then asked to see some of Harris’ own artwork. Harris showcased a pair of crocs that he created with cartoon characters of Wile E Coyote and the Roadrunner on the shoe. He wore those crocs to work, and immediately his coworkers wanted to know where he got them from. He shared that it was an original creation of his, and from that moment on, Harris has been receiving orders on all things art. Being in this creative space and exploring this kind of art allows him to be able to connect with people. He is  able to touch the hearts of others with his art and that's his prime reason that his passion is fueled by.

One obstacle Harris has faced is working a fulltime “9-5” job which leaves very little time in the day to be able to work on his art. Working as a surgical tech demands most of his time. His job causes him to be easily fatigued, and this contributes to a lack of motivation to create art. He works to combat this obstacle by cutting his work hours down to focus on his business and passion, Dipteralife. Harris’ wife and kids are who keep him motivated. He hopes to build a legacy that can be passed down from generation to generation. One thing he shares that he has learned in life is, “if we don’t try, we’ll never know the outcome.”

His hope is that one day he’ll be a well-known artist with his own clothing and sneaker brand. He also hopes to give his kids, grandchildren and great grandchildren a life of ease and comfortability which will allow them to have the opportunity to forge their own paths from the example he leaves.

We asked Jamar Harris what Valiance means to him,

“Valiance to me means overcoming obstacles by being brave and stepping out on faith. Having the strength to endure when things are rough. Stepping outside of the box and coloring outside the lines, putting a stamp on life. Dare to be different.”

Check out more of Jamar Harris’ artwork @dipteralife  

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