Meet Jerry N. Slueue

Jerry N. Slueue is the CEO and Founder of Royals Suits. He makes customized Men's suits and also serves as an image consultant. He has always been fascinated with fashion. When it comes to clothing and styling it just comes so naturally and easy for him, he believes that it is truly one of the easiest skills that he’s good at. 

“Fashion is an act and creativity is key.”

Slueue’s passion and goals in life is to open a men’s warehouse but it wasn’t until recently while he was in Europe that he was approached by someone who asked if he wanted to be one of their models based on what he was wearing. That encounter birthed the business we come to know as Royal Suits. Slueue expresses that the joy of being able to create suits is none like any other feeling. He shares that it is satisfying to see a well-dressed gentleman glow of confidence from the inside which in turn radiates on the outside. 

Just like any upcoming entrepreneur, Slueue has faced many obstacles in his life, however, he does not let those obstacles define his goals. Staying positive and being realistic and unleashing his creativity keeps him focused on his craft. One thing that drives Slueue is seeing his designs come to life, he feels a sense of joy and satisfaction every time he sees a client wearing his brand. His hope is that one day he will be able to work with big name celebrities and reach bigger platforms with his designs. 

We asked Jerry N. Slueue what Valiance means to him,

“To me, Valiance means courage and determination. With courage and determination, the sky is not the limit, it's just the beginning.”

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