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Meet KingDozee

Jermaine Everette Kpan, also known as KingDozee, born in Monrovia, Liberia, is an R&B/HipCo & AfroBeat artist. KingDozee developed a passion for music at an early age. As a child, KingDozee would transcribe lyrics for his mother. “She used to make me sit and listen to the song and then write the lyrics in her copy book so she could learn them...The first song I remember copying down was The Boy is Mine by Brandy & Monica. I was happy to do it because we had an agreement, I wrote down the lyrics, then got toys or whatever I wanted in exchange,” he explains. As a teenager, KingDozee worked as an apprentice with producer David Syndee Jr. and shadowed him while he worked with major artists like Jonathan Takun J Koffa, Killer Lou, and NASSEMAN. “I used to breathe over his shoulders because I wanted to learn how to program music, mix and master. I was never taught, I just learned from watching him work,” he says. Later, KingDozee was introduced to one of his major musical influences, Lucky Bucky. KingDozee joined Lucky Bucky on the road after his first album, noting, “It was a learning process, I was there when he launched his first album. I was there for the shows, the studio sessions, and video shoots. After that, I knew I wanted to do more than just produce, I wanted to also be an artist.” From that moment on, he began to live and breathe music through singing, rapping and producing. 

The stage name “KingDozee” that Jermaine Everette Kpan bears is one of a sentimental meaning. He shares that Dozee was given to him as a teenager by a family friend who called him Child Dozee”. As he grew older, he decided to drop the “child” portion of the name and keep the Dozee. “I added King because my mother used to call me Soco Prince but I’m not little anymore you know, I’ve grown from the Child, the Prince, and I’m evolving as a King now. It was only right,” he explains. That decision is what birthed the persona “KingDozee”. 

The act of surviving on a day to day basis is the foundation from which KingDozee builds his craft. KingDozee pays homage to his Liberian roots with his mixtape called, The Resurrection Mixtape, which creatively reflects the ups and downs of the singer-songwriter/producer's life experiences.

KingDozee shares, “Right now I’m an independent artist, I'd love to get a management team, production team, even an agent to help me grow, because I'm doing everything myself right now from my music production, promotion, getting booked, and my videos edits”. He is currently in the process of working on his upcoming album and collaborating with other artists. KingDozee’s personal appeal and ability to reach a listener is a part of his whole package: a package that includes his distinctive vocals, relaxed singing style, and his reality and storytelling message that makes you laugh and connect to his music. R&B and HipCo are his genres; The R&B gives his music its energy, and the HipCo is Hip-Hop mixed with Coloqua, which is broken English. KingDozee’s music is a step in a new direction: a trajectory that he believes will lead the world on a delightful fulfilling path. He explains, “I want to be remembered as someone that influenced music for Liberian people but I’d also like to cross-over into other markets and music genres. Music is therapeutic to my soul. When I sing, rap, or when I’m creating music, it just makes me feel good. I love the process.” Through his passion and love for music and entertainment, KingDozee  hopes to touch others in an impactful way through his message and dedication for the craft and his listeners.

KingDozee is currently working on his 3rd studio album which will be available on all major streaming platforms. Currently his music is available on all major platforms such as AppleMusic, Itunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, DatPiff, Spinrilla, Mixtape Factory, Reverb Nation, Etc.

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