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Andrea Johnson Beck 

August 10, 2021

As a child, I was intuitive about plants and herbs, how the weather and universe affected the human body and our energies. Growing up, I was surrounded by nature & food; my Scandinavian grandmothers created delicious dishes from their lush gardens while my dad and I talked about everything from stardust to thundersnow for hours. 

After our son graduated high school, veteran homeschool mama here, the idea of opening a small business focused on Herbal Medicine, and Aromatherapy felt natural. For years I created soy-free recipes on my website, The Rustic Woman, and the apothecary was an extension of that. One reason I opened The Rustic Apothecary was to develop products without all the unhealthy, artificial ingredients. I have a severe soy allergy, and soy derivatives are in almost everything, candles to lotions to perfumes containing elements that are the catalyst for allergies, inflammation, and other health issues. Companies are creative with their wording due to the FDA's lax approach to soy allergies. Regulation is flimsy, which has resulted in an uptick in allergy-related emergencies. I am hypervigilant when a client expresses an allergy or sensitivity to a specific essential oil. I immediately document it; I know what it's like to have a company bypass my allergy like it's no big deal.  

My goal is to help people with their health concerns or conditions, physical, spiritual, or psychological. For example, I have provided care for those with MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Fibromyalgia with my oils and nutrition guidance. Our son Logan is on the Autism Spectrum and experiences anxiety; we created oils to help reduce stress, calm the mind, and encourage rest. 

How neat is that? Mother Nature has provided us with organic healing botanicals. Even some that are deemed weeds, like Dandelions, have excellent medicinal components. When I steam distill or infuse oils, it's therapeutic. The elemental process it's magical to witness. Pure, raw & lovely. I hold much gratitude when I receive a message from a client that my perfume oil, Mermaid, flooded her eyes with tears because it reminded her of her beach wedding or that Comfort, brought much-needed relief to a friend's nerve and muscle pain. That is why I do what I do, to bring happiness and solace. 

Before I opened my apothecary, I studied Integrative Therapies & Healing Practices, which included Clinical Aromatherapy at The University of Minnesota & Herbalism at The Herbal Academy. I am fortunate to have incredible mentors who continue to provide guidance. Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy are spiritual for me. All three are intertwined, and when I'm filling orders, it's more than just oil pouring into a bottle; it's slivers of my soul. Each one is created in love & gratitude, and I pray that every person feels that from me.