Maurice Isaiah Driver

1) What inspires you when you create a look?
My environment is my biggest inspiration for when I create a look. I have always been very observant and I got a fashion sense from my mom & older cousin. My range of creativity comes mostly from my different walks of life. Whether it’s from the outskirts of the hood or my prep school days, I have mentally accumulated many styles that go well together. So besides looking good it’s also an opportunity to give back and hopefully inspire someone else!

2) How did you get started on this?
I started my fashion journey almost 7 years ago with my business partner but I wasn’t consistent. The pandemic has changed a lot, my mindset included. So one day, I decided to just start styling my own clothes and take pictures in them. Ever since the first Monday of January 2021,  I now post on Mondays and call it outfit of the week. I’ll also match the outfit to an album that I like

3) What excites you about fashion and style?

Playing dress up excites me most about style and fashion. It’s fun to have pieces that you have to play around with so it all can flow together. It’s almost like a challenge that I use as competition against myself to try and be better each time. Also there’s nothing like vibing with music blasting and putting together some magic.

4) What does your style say about you?

My style says that I do it better and I know I can.

 5) Why is this your passion?
Style and fashion is my passion because it allows me to stand out as an introvert and instill confidence in my daily life. I also thoroughly enjoy shopping and it’s thrilling consuming new/old items to add to my collection.