Nadia K

Nadia is an upcoming R&B/Pop artist from the Charlotte, North Carolina area.  She is a singer and song-writer who is very passionate about her craft. Making her own music and performing was something that she didn’t think was as attainable as it is now due to the growth of social media. Expressing herself  through her music is a dream come true for her. 

Nadia went to school for vocal performance, while there, she and some of her friends came together and started a company called “No Capital.”  Deciding to be a part of this startup company turned out to be one of  the best decisions of her life. She has been focusing on growing on all platforms and working on being a well known artist for the music scene in Charlotte. 

Music is what fuels Nadia's soul. It is an artwork, a way to share emotions and stories with anyone. Nadia shares that she has been through so much that could have broken her but yet here she is still standing and working towards what fuels her soul. With her love for music, she has a story to tell, one that a lot of people could relate to. Most people deal with issues that no one likes to talk about, but she wants to be able to let people know that they’re not alone, and that it’s okay to feel these things because we’re all a work in progress, with so much still to learn.

Nadia has dealt with many obstacles, but the hardest by far is learning to overcome her own insecurities. She sang a lot growing up, but she never actually wrote any songs for herself until June of 2020. Learning to trust herself and her music has been a work in progress. However, she overcomes some of these obstacles by truly understanding what music is. Not everyone is going to like it, not everyone is going to appreciate it, but as long as she's telling her truth by telling her own story, she knows that it will be able to resonate with someone and that’s all that she wants. She learned to have fun with the process, and to keep going even when sometimes it may be too difficult.

Nadia’s team are who keep her going. They push her every single day to be her best self and do better than the last. They are an amazing support system. 

“ little sister keeps me motivated, she’s only 4 years old, but I would do anything for her. I want to be able to do whatever I can for her.”


Growing up, Nadia shared that she did not have role models, and that was hard for her as a young black girl. She expresses that depression and  anxiety were not talked about much in the black community and this impacted her more than she knew. 

“I want to be able to be a voice for someone, anyone. Role models are extremely important and being able to help someone overcome any situation that they are going through is vital for me. I want to be the voice I wish I had.” 

We asked Nadia what Valiance means to her, 

“To me, Valiance is thinking of someone who goes out of their way, someone who defies the odds no matter what anyone else thinks, and someone who trusts themselves to know exactly what to do when a situation occurs.”

Check out Nadia K’s musical journey @nadiakofficial