Image by Kelly Sikkema



Libna Fortuna

Relationships are a 2-way street and two people are needed for it to work the relationship. While it’s fun to do things alone, it’s better to have someone to do life with, and grow with because no man is an island! Even the most independent person needs connection and love from other people too.

To nurture a relationship means choosing that person every day, in every situation, but before you do that, you must make sure that you have taken care of and given yourself enough love because we can’t give from an empty cup, right? 

Ways to overcome challenges are to do things together and communicate with your partner. Setting the right intentions and coming from a place of love to resolve issues. I know it’s hard to communicate, especially when things are rough, but if you come from a place of love and compassion, nothing can go wrong. So communicate with intent when faced with a challenging situation.

To get over a heartbreak, you need to acknowledge that a relationship has ended. It starts with being aware of the situation that you’re in. Accept the reality and honor every emotion that comes with it. Remember that the more we resist, the more it will persist, and resistance means suffering. Do not judge yourself for feeling these emotions as emotions are energy in motion that need to come out, so express in a safe way and allow yourself to experience. After which, ask yourself, what is this situation teaching me?

If you are having a hard time in relationships, maybe it’s time to step back and look at how much love you have given yourself? If you keep on giving to someone else without refilling your love cup, you will end up losing more of yourself than gaining. So what are the things that you should do to have a healthy relationship with other people?

  1. Love yourself first. Cliché as it sounds, it's very important to take care of ourselves. How? By taking care of 3 aspects of your life: Emotional, physiological and mental aspects. Exercise, drink water, read a book, have a rest, listen to the right people. 

  2. By filling your love cup, you are more secure and full. So when you find the right person for you, that person doesn’t “complete your puzzle” as you are already complete; instead, you will grow with that person and create more puzzles together! You can’t love someone and expect that person to complete you because what if that person leaves you? That would leave an empty space in your heart. So, before that happens, fill your own love cup first.

  3. Love and connect and enjoy the feeling. Not judging, just being in the moment. Let go of attachments and expectations. Learn to appreciate and know the love language of your partner. Communicate and have fun!