Rukio Elmi

1) What inspires you when you create a look?

As a businesswoman and a mother, my daily activity outside of my professional modeling is motherhood and entrepreneurship. These factors are considered in look creation from Monday to Friday. My goal for these days is to be taken seriously while looking sexy and comfortable in great fabrics. Outside of professional work, my inspiration may reflect the giving occasion (it could be dinner, music night, or family night). One thing about what inspires me overall is my freedom to be comfortable in a great fabric.

2) How did you get started on this?

I have always been different with my style and dressing up. I never studied fashion in school. Fashion as a passion has always been in my Spirit and bones, however keeping up to date with the latest on YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram fashion week, made me want to be more professional with it.  In 2009, I was approached at an event by a designer to walk for her. Because of my passion for clothes, I accepted the challenge, since then I have modeled in different shows and done different pageantry on small and big stages.

3) What excites you about fashion and style?

I believe fashion reflects your Inner self first, which can then be transferred to the outer self. So, I believe fashion is spiritual and physical for me. I love how you could be having a bad day, but your choice of outfit alone can block that bad day energy from being exposed to the public. It can also be the opposite, you could be having a great day, and just the wrong choice of outfit can give a different interpretation of who you are. The beauty about fashion is, when you understand the power of clothes and style, you can use it to your advantage and disadvantage. You can communicate to the public without even opening your mouth! 

4) What does your style say about you?

My style reflects my authentic personality. I Am a beautiful woman who is very grateful to God for all that I have been blessed with, and yet to experience. However, I am a human being first. I go through emotions and unique experiences like any other human being. I believe the difference with me is I chosen fashion to do the talking for my daily life experiences. Therefore, my style reflects my personality, it speaks for me based on the mood I am going through at any given time.

 5) Why is this your passion?

Passion is priceless! I believe whatever passion you have, when properly managed it is your true calling of life. Fashion, modeling, styling, expression of my natural beauty is how I communicate with nature and everyday people. It is constantly evolving because as a human being, we are not meant to be stagnant. I live my passion of fashion, and modeling because it is a natural way of life for me. It is who I have come to understand that I am!