Meet Shana Soberanis

“To me, Valiance means humility, honor, strength, and determination.”

Oftentimes, when you think of getting a pedicure, you picture women at the nail salon, getting their feet washed, massaged, beautified. You think of women getting pampered. The thought of a man going to get a pedicure seems so far out of reach. Our society has stereotyped men being pampered as being feminine. One woman decided it was time to debunk that stereotype and allow men to understand that they deserve some self-care as well, that …"men deserve to be pampered too."

Shana Soberanis is a SC licensed nail tech, Advanced Nail Tech, Certified Medical Nail Tech and certified master pedicurist, an MBA and MSIT.  She provides nail care wellness services to males ages 13 and up in Spartanburg, SC. Soberanis is passionate about feet! She wants to help men recognize the importance of caring for their nails, hands, and feet. She believes men are underserved when it comes to nail care. She wants to offer them a private, safe, relaxing, and most importantly, sanitary space for these services.

Soberanis first started taking care of men’s feet on her partner. The first service she provided to him was a foot massage, from there he encouraged her to do it professionally. Since she wasn't working, she didn't mind obtaining new knowledge and a new skillset.

Her biggest motivation is her genuine concern for the health and wellness of men that have no idea just how important foot health and hygiene is. She gives perfect examples of simply changing the insoles of shoes or wearing toe crests, which can help to alleviate nagging pain and also prevent pain and other foot, back, or even hip problems. Though she is not a doctor and is by no means giving medical advice, it is knowledge that she has been able to gather based on her personal experiences within her area of expertise. Soberanis expresses that monthly pedicures should become a normal part of hygiene and wellness care for all men.

Soberanis has had many obstacles, many situations that made her want to just throw in the towel. From the loss of her job in 2018, to pre-foreclosure letters, to not being able to obtain gainful employment for more than a year, to finding out that her 52 year old sister, Rochelle, had stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer, to losing her other sister, Letitia, in March 2020 which caused her to gain custody of her 4 children, then sadly losing her mom, Mary, in Sept 2020. All of these obstacles can be seen as enough hardship to make one give up. However, she continues to find the strength in her family and passion to keep pushing forward to reach her goals. Soberanis shares that without the solid relationship she has with God, her obstacles would seem never ending. Needless to say, her faith kept her going. She hopes that by sharing the struggles of her journey, that others can also have faith that pain doesn't last forever and the future is bright. 

“Honestly, my kids keep me going. Jonathan, Jamison, Trevor, Taylor, Matthew, Eliana-Grace, my big Sis, Rochelle and my aunt Sara, are the reason I keep pushing. They need me. I need them.”

Since Soberanis started her business, she has been approached about expanding The Man Cave Nailcare for Gentlemen into a franchise. She expressed that she wants to help everyone that has expressed interest in owning their own The Man Cave Nailcare for Gentlemen location. She shares that she wants to be an example to others that anything you want is always within reach. She explains that she wants to empower women to become a “LadyBoss” @ The Man Cave Nailcare for Gentlemen. Her hope is to pay it forward by lifting someone else up. She recalls being told that she can't open a franchise because her business is too new and it takes $60k just to consult. Rather than allowing that comment to discourage her, she decided to use the comment to create an idea to partner up with women who want their own location and give them majority ownership of the business while working as partners to grow it. She is confident that being able to help someone who may be a single mom, that has little or no assets, or is unemployed, to achieve financial freedom through business ownership will give her the greatest satisfaction in being of service to someone else.  Thus I will fulfill the requirements stated in Philippians 2:3-4.

It’s time to debunk the stereotype that men cannot be taken care of because they too deserve to be pampered. 

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Photographer for all pictures: HQ Vision, Jai Nichols

Makeup Artist: Q.i.ing Beauty by Jamison Soberanis