Meet Tatiyana Dean

Tatiyana Dean is a R&B/neo-soul singer-songwriter.  Dean feels that her passion for music and the ability to write and use her voice as an instrument is something that fuels her soul entirely. She feels that her purpose in life is to usher in a new culture of compassion and emotional intelligence with her music.

Dean has been writing songs for as long as she can remember. In the beginning  of her journey, no one knew she was writing  “raps,” as she used to call them, and she would become anxious if her parents or friends found them. However, that became her first exploration of what she could do artistically. In those early years, she learned that she could write about whatever she wanted. She recalls having the excitement with that freedom of expression through music but felt apprehension when it came to exposing her work.

Other influences on Dean's songwriting were artists that her family listened to a lot: Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, India Arie, John Legend, Corinne Bailey Rae, Heather Headley, Hezekiah Walker, Donald Lawrence, etc. Singing in church with choirs and praise teams also acted as a catalyst for her passion for music and singing.

Dean shares that she writes songs as a way to express feelings. She states, “I think that one of the most basic human desires is being able to express feelings. They don't even have to be my own personal feelings; I can observe someone else's life and write a song from their perspective. But it's not really for entertainment, it's more like satisfying an urge, scratching an itch. If I'm curious about something, I can write a song about it and then be over it, if that makes sense.” 

When Dean writes to express her own feelings, they are often a mix of melancholy, bluntness and hope. She observes our society as one that really embraces music that glamorizes depression and selfishness, and as an artist, Dean wants to give people a way to acknowledge these very real feelings, but also to rise above them. A lot of her songs juxtapose sadness with hope, and she’s trying to influence society to adopt that as a mindset.

Dean has faced some challenges while on her artistic journey. A few of those fall into 3 categories: belief in herself, support from her parents, and money. She overcame these challenges of believing in herself by simply just… believing in herself. Her church, Bethel Harvest in Nicholasville, KY, has instilled in her that God has created each of us for absolutely wonderful, unthinkable greatness. Combining that with the books she has read over the past 2 years, Yvonne Orji (a celebrity who is a role model she has looked up to), YouTube sermons by Mike Todd and Steven Furtick,  and motivational videos such as Jim Rohn, Ed Mylett & Eric Thomas. With all these positive affirmations and role models surrounding her, she knows she can and will be a legendary entertainer. 

The support from her parents was a slow road, but when Dean had proven her drive for entertainment and music and showed that she can create stability for herself by working a full-time “9-to-5” job as a data specialist, her parents' support was much more forthcoming. Recently, Dean has filmed the music video for my upcoming single, "Nothing Major", and her parents were very much supportive. For them to not only help with the logistics, but expressing that they care, was an indicator of growth in their relationship for which she credits God for.

Money being the third category of challenges that Dean has faced, became less of an obstacle simply because she decided it wasn't going to be an obstacle. One of her affirmations is "I have everything I need,” with the belief that God will not keep a good thing from her. Dean started her own record label and signed herself. Her 9-to-5 funds her music, and that remains the plan until her music can fund itself. 

Having a strong support system is an important aspect of pursuing one’s passion. Dean’s  friends and family keep her going through all the ups and downs. Another motivational factor for consistently pushing to achieve her dreams is the thoughts she has about all the little girls that need a change in our society. Dean believes the need for women in the media to show that it's possible to be extremely successful, innovative, compassionate, intelligent, God-seeking...and look good while doing it! She exclaims, “I want to be one of those women. One can change billions.”

She hope to be recognized as the #1 entertainer in the world and usher in a new culture of compassion and love. She also hopes to create community centers and companies that empower people with the tools to work, create and contribute within their own economies. Dean has a need to help solve America's homelessness problem and the issue of the disproportionally high incarceration rate of black people, especially men. Included in this she wants to get cash bail outlawed due to her belief that money should not make a difference when it comes to someone's freedom. She believes that the first step in her being a catalyst for change starts with the music that she makes for the world to hear.

We asked Tatiyana Dean what Valiance means to her, 

“To me, valiance means courage, but more intense. Repeated. You can have courage once, but to have valiance, you must repeatedly stand in the midst of your fear and face challenges. To be valiant, you don't have to win every battle. You just have to have a commitment to taking unpleasant situations head-on, and trying your best to come out victorious.”

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