Torrie Thomas

Torrie Thomas is a high fashion runway model in the making. She is currently a freelance model creating content with local photographers and being an advocate for people who have alopecia. She believes that the length of your hair has no relation to the beauty you hold. However, she has not always had this belief, especially when she was first affected by hair loss. Even though she saw the beauty in short or no hair in others, Thomas struggled with seeing the beauty within herself. She spent years hiding until she finally realized she can no longer stay in hiding. “I am not my hair!” she says.

Although she is now learning to embrace her new and unique beauty, she still struggles with being confident. 

“Honestly, I don’t STAY confident. It definitely is full of ups and downs and when your dream (modeling) is completely based on looks and being judged, it can be a lot of downs...Something that fuels me the most is honestly my mother. You know that ‘face only a mother could love’ line? Haha it’s like that, even when I feel that I’m not looking my best, my mother loves me right out of it!” she says. 

When asked about how she dealt with overcoming these obstacles to keep pursuing her passion, Thomas reveals that although she has been turned many times by different modeling agencies, she expresses that she keeps going because she know that there is someone out there who will eventually see the potential she has and she will not get that opportunity if she gives up. 

Thomas credits her mother for keeping her going. She shares that she would not be where she is today without the help of her mother. Her parents and her brother are her reason to get through anything. 

Through modeling, Thomas hopes to be an advocate for those with alopecia / hair loss. She wants to prove to them that anyone, including herself, that she is beautiful with or without hair, and that it makes her no less of a woman. 

We asked Torrie Thomas what Valiance means to her,

“To me, Valiance means perseverance. Not all things will be easy but all things can be overcome. No matter if it takes multiple tries, if it takes a lot of time, the outcome may not always be what is wanted but it can always be adapted to. Persevere.”

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